Netflix Suggestions for October

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Before The Avengers, Joss Whedon brought to life one of the strongest female characters in tv history. Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) lives in Sunnydale California, student by day vampire slayer by night. It may sound like a cliche story line but I do promise laughs especially at the have ridiculous 90’s clothing but the writing is solid. Emotional, realistic, and witty. The characters each go through major transformations throughout the series and the bad guys are as scary as they are symbolic. Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother plays Buffy’s best friend Willow who dabbles with magic! Buffy is on Netflix and October is a perfect time to start binging on this 90s treasure. 

The Following - Kevin Bacon delivers an amazing performance in this terrifying story of an Edgar Allen Poe obsessed serial killer who is fascinated with Bacon’s character. I was surprised this show was so enticing, considering the finale of season 1 left me staring at my television with confusion. To be honest, this show was made for people with strong stomachs, there is no holding back when it comes to blood, gore, and the fate of adorable puppies. If you’re an Edgar Allen Poe fan I strongly suggest giving The Following a shot, there are many references. Season 3 comes back in January on FOX!

Veronica Mars - Another strong female character, Veronica is a high-school student who is savvy, resilient, and determined. Her dad, Keith Mars was the local sheriff until Veronica’s best friend Lilly (Amanda Seyfried) was found murdered - and Keith believed Lily’s father to be the killer. Keith becomes a private eye and Veronica, who appears to be just his secretary, picks up some skills and takes on solving Lily’s murder. Set in Neptune, California V. Mars fans (known as “marshmallows”) have come to love this mystery show so much that kick-starter fund was created to help produce a Veronica Mars movie! If you like mystery/thrillers, romance, puns, and California surfer boys, Veronica Mars is for you and also available on Netflix. 

Cartoon Crossovers

Since the Simpsons met Family Guy last night, no one has been able to talk about anything else. But it’s not like this is earth-shattering stuff - the cartoon crossover has been happening for decades. Just remember some of these classics (well, classics for us).

• Hercules meets Aladdin. Hades didn’t have a chance against Aladdin, sending only Pain and Panic, while Jafar couldn’t hold a candle to Hercules. These two may have thought they could pit these heroes against one another, but good always triumphs over evil.

• Transformers meet G.I. Joe. Cobra found the buried Ark with the Transformers inside, turning them into war machines. Fortunately, they’re able to break free of his control, but that’s when things really get crazy. This crossover happened a few times.

• Lilo and Stitch meet Kim Possible. Stitch is kidnapped by Dr. Drakken, so Pleakley gets Kim Possible to help rescue him. She and Lilo both want the other to get out of the way, while Jumba thinks Rufus is a dangerous experiment that escaped.

• Rugrats meet The Wild Thornberrys. Who knew Tommy was so crazy about Nigel Thornberry? Or that Angelica and Debbie would hit it off so well? These families all work together to save the day, but we know that it’s always the kids who earn most of the credit.

• Futurama meets Adventure Time. This crossover didn’t get too much coverage considering everything else, so you may not have heard about it. Bender meets Jake and Finn in 3013, in Mom’s flying castle, where Mom conducts genetic experiments.