This week I made an animated chart of butterflies! These are all butterflies that you can find throughout North America, and I picked the 42 that I thought were the most colorful and unique. 

You can check out the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here :)

Things To Do Before Classes Start

Whether you’re headed back to the old grind, or you’re on a new adventure at a new school, there are ways you should be getting ready before that first period bell rings. Here’s what you can do to make sure you get an A+ in preparedness.

• Get your supplies together now. What will you need on the first day? Minimally, a pen, paper and something to hold all the handouts you’ll be getting. It’s also helpful to carry your schedule around; I like to tuck this into a book or put it on my phone so people don’t necessarily know I’m looking at it between classes. You don’t want to be scrambling on the first day.

• Talk to your teachers. This is the time to set your reputation - even before you get to school. This correspondence can show them how invested you are and how much you care; that is never a bad thing. Your professors will appreciate that you put in the effort, and they’ll be more willing to grant you special considerations if you need them later.

• Be flexible. Things will change. That “blow off” class might have gotten harder since last semester’s students told you about it. Assignments change, syllabi change. Be willing to roll with the punches, but also remember that you’re in control of your own life. If you don’t like the professor, drop the class.

• Have fun. Being a student generally means you aren’t working full-time at a desk. Enjoy this! Homework sucks and tests stink, but this truly is the time to live it up. Stay up late sometimes, even if it’s because you procrastinated. You’ll be telling these memories for a long time.